Meet The GGs


About Gamer.Girlie

Chicago born and raised, currently residing in Austin,TX. Geeky since birth, once a Catholic schoolgirl wildchild, former Army journalist, current blogger. Child-free dog mommy, lover of all thing Trek, WoW, Austen and Shakespeare.
Witchy woman making all sorts of magic in the kitchen and beyond.

Oh yeah.. I love food, snark and Gamer.Guy — not necessarily in that order.

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About Gamer.Guy

I consider myself an accomplished cook through life experience, having worked in many dining establishments from the little mom and pop restaurants to the big buffets in fabulous Las Vegas.

I have worked alongside many culinary art professionals and gleaned as much knowledge as humanly possible. I still work in the food industry as a kitchen manager in a prominent southern chain.

Food has been a love of mine ever since I was old enough to peel a potato — preparing it, cooking it, and of course, eating it.

Growing up in an asian household in beautiful southern California has only fueled my desire to discover and appreciate different tastes and views. One could say I am as varied in my taste for food as I am in my life: Asian heritage favoring Italian pastas with a Hispanic name, and I’m pretty good at speaking French.

I now live and work in the south with a growing appreciation for the Atlantic sunrises, much to the chagrin of my love for California sunsets.

I am also an avid gamer and currently in a deeply passionate love/hate relationship with Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. As a true Scorpio, let’s just say,”When it’s good, it’ really good, and when it’s bad…”

I thank you for visiting GG’s Gamer Bytes and invite you to journey with Gamer.Girlie and I, discovering and sharing what I believe is everyone’s first true love, FOOOOD!!

Let’s eat,
Gamer.Guy aka GG’s Guy


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