Un-Cooking Daily: GGsGuy’s Bacardi Sugar Glaze


Stormwind’s Robby Flay has got nothing on this sugar glaze. Guaranteed to please even the most discerning tongue. This glaze is like the best of both worlds. All the sweet Bacardi flavor, none of the alcohol, and super easy to make. I prefer using the orange flavored Bacardi O, but you can use Limon or even some other liquors. Yes, even brandy or the likes of whiskey.
This glaze goes great on just about everything deserving of icing or glaze like cakes and breads or my personal favorite, Bread Pudding, which I will share if anyone shows interest.


You may be tempted to pour yourself a glass of two, but as always, be responsible.

GG’s Guy


4 Tbsp  Butter
1 cup    Bacardi (any flavor)
3 cup    Powdered sugar


Melt butter in a medium saucepan on medium heat.

Add Bacardi. Raise heat to high.

Alcohol burns, and it burns with a near invisible flame.

Gently and slowly tip the saucepan to one side over the burner to light it. DO NOT POUR ONTO STOVE OR INTO FLAMES.

Simmer the butter and liquor on medium-high heat until all the alcohol is burned off.

Remove from heat and begin stirring in the powdered sugar, adjusting as necessary for consistency. A tablespoon of milk or Half and Half can be added for a creamier glaze.

While still warm, drizzle or pour over your chosen treat and enjoy!


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