Taste The Rainbow: GG’s Skittles Vodka


It’s no secret that gamers like to party.

In game or out, we like to do our thing when the mood strikes.

And when the mood strikes, be prepared to be the star of show by preparing this colorful and eye-catching set of spirits.

Again with the rules, people:

1. Friends don’t let friends wander drunk around Azeroth. Don’t be that person.

2. Ensure that your under-aged guildies aren’t “getting in the spirit.”

3. Don’t try to solo this. You’ll wipe. Without question.

With that said, Enjoy!




2 1/8 quart – Vodka

3 cup – Skittles

Prep time is 30 min, serves 12.


1 Sort out skittles into the same color.

2 Once in the same color, put the skittles into different bottles, pour the vodka onto the skittles.

3 Give the bottles a shake and put them in the fridge, leave them for a few days, shaking occasionally.

4 When all the skittles are white and soft, get some coffee filters and filter the vodka through them to catch all the skittles. Filtering twice is recommended.

5 Once you have filtered the vodka, pour into your desired bottles. These can last for a while.


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