NomNomNom: Pepperjack Chicken Panini by GGsGuy

When you meed a little extra oomph, or you missed out on GG’s Early Riser breakfast, this panini will get you through Elwynn Forest no matter what event is going on at the time or the slow farming of turtles to buy those ‘leet’ crafting recipes.
Yea, I’m just as guilty farming that little lake in the Valley of Four Winds for Motes of Harmony and running off fresh 85s. “It’s MY lake”. No, not even my fellow guildmates on Emerald Dream were safe.
Anyways, this little sammich is quick and easy and absolutely worth every bite.

GG’s Guy


Ciatta bread
Grilled or roasted chicken breast (sliced)
Red onions (thinly sliced)
White onions (caramelized)
Sliced pepperjack cheese
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper


Split or slice ciabatta bread longitudinally so you have a top and a bottom.  Lay them out crust-side down.

Build on each piece 1 layer of cheese and onions being sure to alternate between red and white onions.

Season all with salt and pepper.

Place sliced chicken breast on only the bottom piece of bread and fold over the top piece of bread closing the sammich.

Brush the top with evoo.

Brush the bottom of preheated panini press with evoo as well.

Lay sammich in the press and close lid. Grill 4-8 minutes depending on your press.

Carefully remove sammich and let cool for minimum 2 minutes.

Melted cheese may still be extremely hot, so handle with care. Enjoy this spicy, yet savory treat.


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